Sample - Sunscreen

Les toiles solaires sont un classique en matière de toile et sont un moyen peu coûteux d'apporter une touche plus industrielle à certaines pièces de la maison ou le bureau. Le tissage particulièrement espacé des fibres de ce tissu lui permet de filtrer 97% des rayons UV tout en permettant une visibilité à l’extérieur pendant la journée.

Son tissu, majoritairement fait de PVC, permet un entretient facile du produit. Les toiles solaires, tout comme les stores alternés et les toiles à rouleau offertes en ligne sur notre site, sont constituées d’un tube en aluminium résistant sur lequel le tissu est enroulé. Un critère important dans la longévité des produits. La toile solaire est fabriquée sur mesure selon vos dimensions précises et est offerte dans un choix de 6 couleurs tendances.

Sample - Sunscreen
Why are your products less expensive than elsewhere?
Since we manufacture our own products ourselves, we are able to offer our products by removing the middleman. So you can buy premium products and pay the distributors cost. In other words, you pay the same price as the boutiques pay for your blinds from the manufacturer and skip the stores markup.
how is the quality of our products?
The quality of the product is the outmost important point in window covering. The quality is directly linked to the origin of the material. South Korea and Taiwan are the two locations around the world where the fabrics produced are of the highest quality. This is why we are proud to say that our fabrics come from the best known fabric suppliers in the world.
Are your products made to measure?
All of our products offered are custom made products, assembled one at a time according to your specific requests and requirements. It is because of this method that allows us to offer you such a wide selection in the creation of your product directly on our on-line boutique.
Are our blinds easy to install?
We assure you that our products are among the easiest window treatments to install. Along with your order, a well detailed installation guide with full explanation and pictures will be provided. The installation is done in a few simple steps and thus saves you on the services of a installer. Our dedicated customer service team is on hand if you have any hesitation during installation.

At we understand that to some measuring windows can be a little intimidating, which is why we make it easy with our user friendly “ how to measure “ page with images that you will find helpful every step of the way.

Of course our customer service remains at your disposal if any assistance is needed.

Why complicate something so simple!With one click! provides you with a easy installation page that allows you to see how easy it is to install your blinds by easily following our guide.


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