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Trueblinds.ca ,takes pride in serving our local customers.

Trueblinds.ca appeared online in early 2017. Although the company is fairly young, its owners already have more than twenty years of experience in the manufacturing of window coverings.

Our goal is to enable everyone to obtain superior quality window coverings at the lowest price on the market.

To do this, there was no other solution than to offer our products we manufacture directly to the public rather than using resellers or designers as an intermediary.

With trueblinds.ca, the customer can therefore obtain his/her window coverings at cost price without any intermediary.

Trueblinds.ca is a realization of a vision from its founders, it was clear to them that there was a better way to offer high quality window coverings custom-made for your windows and at a better cost to you.

Located in Laval, trueblinds.ca allows any citizen of the entire province of Quebec to obtain quality window coverings, custom made for you. Trueblinds.ca also offers free delivery to your door.

Your satisfaction is our success.
The trueblinds.ca team

Our vision :

To offer high-end window treatments made of superior quality fabric and components, at the lowest price.

From vision to creation - Initially, TrueBlinds.ca was it’s products exclusively to distributors, home designers, specialized interior decorating boutiques, and home-based resellers. We got to thinking? Why not offer our exclusive products to the general public, without a middle-man! Let’s offer our products at the same cost of a distributors to everyone who loves to save money. But there was one final part of the equation that needed to be worked out, how to offer this opportunity to every customer? On-line of course! This provides us with unlimited reach to allow you to browse our exclusive collection of window blinds and in return we promise unlimited savings.


Our method is simple - From the comfort of your home you can purchase custom made window treatments without having to travel or dealing with pressure of a sale person. Once your order is completes by our professional technicians, your blinds will be shipped to your doorstep free of charge. It is even possible and recommended to order free samples via our website, you will have the opportunity to see your colour choices in your homes natural lighting and your in homes décor and not rely on a showrooms lighting.

The shopping process is easy – At your convenience, feel free to browse the pages of all our different products available to you to assure your best selection choice. Simply add your well measured custom window blinds to assure a perfect-fit to your cart. We now get to work for you by manufacturing your blinds from A to Z, your home will soon have the new look it deserves.


The Question - Not a day goes by without someone asking why our prices are so low. It's simple – our customers pay the distributors price… period! No more middle-man.

Do you know that we purchase all of our components and fabric from the same place that the big brand names do? For the window treatment industry it’s all about where you source your fabric from. South Korea and Taiwan are the two countries at the moment to produce superior quality fabric in the world, for that reason we’re proud to proclaim that our fabrics come from the best world-renowned fabric suppliers.